The industry in which MULTICCO GROUP operates requires specialised equipment and a team of high-quality professionals in the back-office. That’s why our organisation gains more customers year after year, satisfied with the top-quality logistics service. The secret of our success is integrated flow chain of the goods entrusted to us and the full customisation of the services with regard to their adaptation to the requirements of our suppliers and the customer’s recipients. Our rich partner database gives our customers the possibility of using any type of transport – depending on the customer’s needs and transport profile. Our logistics is based entirely on partner relations with service recipients – our business partners value this the most.

Thanks to individual analysis of orders, we can guarantee the reduction and optimisation of logistics costs on the customer’s side. In addition to the efficient flow of goods, we also focus on efficient flow of information – we are famous for excellent communication with our customers.

We offer:

  • specialist logistics service;
  • integrated chain of flow of goods entrusted to us;
  • partnership cooperation with recipients of services;
  • adaptation of services to the requirements of the customer’s suppliers and recipients;
  • the possibility of using any type of transport depending on the needs of customers.

We guarantee:

  • reduction of logistics costs on the client’s side;
  • the highest level of service quality by qualified personnel
  • efficient flow of goods and information;
  • professional implementation of orders according to the customer’s needs